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Yuri Erosovich Kuznetsov
Yuri Erosovich Kuznetsov was born on August 18, 1948, in the town of Kovrov, in the family of the artist Eros Vasilyevich Kuznetsov. The most part of his life he was engaged in art and design activity and at the same time studied independently icon painting history and technique. In 1994, he painted his first icon of The Exaltation of the Honourable and Life-Giving Cross. In 1997, he received blessing of Father Stephen, rural dean of Kovrov and Kameshkovo districts, for icon painting. 6 years later, an item, in which Yuri Kuznetsov’s icons were named XXI century icon painting, was shown in the Vremya program of Russian TV Channel One. During the period 2000-2008, the Church of Saint Nicholas the Wonderworker was erected in the Istra reservoir area, Moscow region. All the icons in this Church were painted by Yu. Kuznetsov. Yuri Erosovich painted the icon of The Intercession of the Most Holy Mother of God for the Church of the Intercession on the Nerl in 2005. The icon was consecrated by Archbishop Evlogy of Vladimir and Suzdal.

The unique icon painting technique by Yuri Kuznetsov was registered by the Russian Authors’ Society as “kuznetsovskoe pis’mo” (Kuznetsov’s painting) on March 15, 2006. The icon painter was included, among other outstanding people of the city, into the book Our contemporaries: the pride of Vladimir region. In 2006, Yuri Erosovich received the blessing of Alexis II, the 15th Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia.

In order to commemorate the 850th anniversary of the Dormition Cathedral in Vladimir, Yuri Kuznetsov painted an icon of Vladimir Mother of God, which was presented as a gift to the cathedral on August 28, 2008.

One can find Yuri Kuznetsov’s icons in churches and monasteries (St. Seraphim Monastery on the Russky Island, South Ussuri Nunnery, Meshchovsk St. George’s Monastery, Murom Transfiguration Monastery, etc.); in museums (N.K. Roerich Museum, Moscow, and others); in private collections, including those of the Moscow Patriarchate, Archbishop Evlogy of Vladimir and Suzdal, governors of Russian cities (B.V. Gromov, Moscow region, and N.V. Vinogradov, Vladimir region), V.V. Putin, the Prime Minister of the Russian Federation, M.S. Gorbachev, the first President of the USSR, many famous sportsmen, A.N. Chilingarov, the leading Russian oceanologist, Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences. The famous traveller brought the icon of Saint Nicholas the Wonderworker painted by Yuri Kuznetsov on his expedition to the North Pole.

Yuri Kuznetsov painted above 1300 icons for fifteen years, more than 200 of which are larger than 1.00 m х 0.75 m.

Yuri Kuznetsov is a member of the Creative Union of Artists of Russia and the International Art Fund.

Many articles in local and federal newspapers and magazines were written about the works and the unique technique of Yuri Kuznetsov, including in Nauka i Religia (Science and Religion), Collected Works, 2007, No. 2; Kultura i Vremya (Culture and Time), 2005, No. 1 and 2008, No. 4; Bozhi Mir (God's World), 2007, No. 1(60); Moskovsky Ritm (Moscow’s Rhythm), 2005, No. 29; Imena v Iskusstve Rossii (Names in Russian Art), 2008, Izograf Publishing, etc.

Icons of Yuri Kuznetsov have beneficial impact on psychoemotional state of a human being. This fact was confirmed through the studies in this field carried out by the Collegium, Public International Organization of Physicians, 6th Central Military Clinical Hospital of the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation, General Psychology Department of the Moscow City Psychological and Pedagogical University and Elf Medical Company, Vladimir.

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